Friday, February 21, 2014

Think Big. Act Bold.

You might think that a retirement expert gets her inspiration from other authors of retirement books. Not me.

I gain insight from authors writing about best business and management practices, not from books describing the best vacation and retirement communities. That’s why I’ve decided to take one book each month and focus on 5 steps that can help you thrive in retirement.

This month’s featured book is, The One Thing: The Surprising Simple Truth Behind Extraordinary Results” by Gary Keller and Jay Papasan. 

     1. Don’t fear big. Fear mediocrity.
“Don’t fear big—fear mediocrity” is my mantra for 2014. When I’m pursuing something outside of my comfort zone, when it would be easier to stay in the comfort of my home instead of speaking in front of a standing-room only audience, I remind myself that this isn’t mediocrity. Stressful—maybe, but not mediocre. I don’t need to fear getting too big, having my passion take too much of my time or energy, I need to fear mediocrity.

If you feared mediocrity, what bold actions would you take today?

2. Big thoughts go nowhere without bold action. Don’t let small thinking cut your life down to size.
Where are you thinking big? Where are you acting bold? I often have people tell me they plan to downsize in retirement. This may be appropriate when we’re talking about stuff—material belongings, but it should never apply to our life expectations and dreams. These are the wrong things to make small. Think big. Act bold. It’s too late to play it safe.

     3. Magic never happens in the middle; magic happens at the extremes.
Retirement is the perfect time to live life out of balance. What are you doing at the extremes? Magic happens when we get deeply involved in something that we care about—acting with purpose.

    4. Circumstances won’t change by themselves, so let’s get on with it.
What are you doing to change your circumstances? You play the leading role in the circumstances of your life. Write a script that excites you and begin to act it out, boldly.

    5. The best goal explores what’s possible.
Forget “doable” goals. Write these on a to-do list and check them off. To create a retirement that makes you wake up curious and eager to get started, you need stretch goals that are at the edge of your current abilities. Almost impossible. Almost unreasonable. Think big. Act bold.

Written by Patrice Jenkins, Ph.D., author of "What Will I Do All Day? Wisdom To Get You Over Retirement and On With Living!"

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