Sunday, July 8, 2012

Simply Sign Up!

I’m amazed at how quickly positive change occurs when I take action, stop talking about doing something, and simplysign up. I try to live by the motto: Life rewards action. Still, it took a recent event to remind me of how true this is. 

Here’s my story:

For the past couple years I have considered joining a learn-to-row program. I’m talking about the long boat that gracefully moves through the water with 8 oarsmen (or women). My daughter rowed in college so I have stood on the banks of many rivers and lakes to cheer her on. Two years ago she emailed me a link to a learn-to-row program. I thought about registering for it, but found excuses to stay on the sidelines. Then this past spring I decided it’s time that I find out what it feels like to be in the boat. The decision was based on more than just wanting to test the waters.

When I coach people through the retirement process, I encourage them to pay attention to what is missing in their lives, and then to go looking for it. The same advice applies to me. I’m feeling a need to increase my social contacts and be part of a team, especially since the team I have been responsible for—my three children—are in England, Germany, and NYC. I need a new team. As it turns out, thisteam was only a click away. 

I’ve had one week of rowing classes and already I feel like a team player. By simply signing-up for the program I found what was missing in my life—more contact with people and a sense of belonging. In addition, my emotional well-being has benefitted from the endorphins that come from physical activity. I learned that it’s not so hard to find what I need if I’m willing to take action and simply sign up. 

What can you sign up for that will make a sudden difference in your life? If you want to be in the boat rather than just cheering from the sidelines, what action can you take right now to bring positive change to your life? Click submit. 

Simply sign up. 

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