Friday, July 24, 2015

Mastering the Art of Retirement

A magazine advertisement for Lindt Chocolate® grabbed my attention. Printed in cursive lettering at the top of the page: Mastering the Art of Retirement.

Retirement and chocolate—two of my favorite subjects! However, upon closer review, I realized the title read "refinement" not “retirement”.  Making great chocolate is a refined art. 

While my desire for Swiss chocolate lingered, I began to mull over the idea that creating a meaningful retirement lifestyle is also an art that requires mastering. Consider this:

When we first retire most of us don't know how to live "retired." Until now we've been rewarded for mastering many of the skills that don't do us a lot of good in retirement, such as getting as much done as possible (or not possible) with limited time and conforming to structure and other people's expectations. To make retirement an art, we need to develop a new skill set that requires time, creativity, talent, and patience—all the essentials that an artist works with to master his or her art.

What goes into the art of retirement?

1.     Artists have a vision, an inspiration before creating their art. What is your vision for retirement? Where can you find inspiration?

2.     Artists invest in the materials needed to master their skills. What materials, activities, and pursuits do you need to craft a meaningful retirement?

3.     Artists experiment with new methods and materials. Where can you take risks and try something new?

4.     Artists are willing to be vulnerable—not everyone appreciates their work. Where can you be more open to possibilities, letting go of others' expectations and living a life that is true to you?

5.     Artists are continually mastering an art—appreciating the fact that great art cannot be mastered. The same is true for retirement. Creating a rewarding retirement lifestyle is always a work in progress. While you never fully arrive or achieve this goal, you create a rich life along the way.

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