Friday, January 31, 2020

Busy or Full?

As Dave and I entered the bistro for happy hour, the place was full. There were no empty barstools, and the only way to get half-priced drinks and pizza is to sit at the bar. As we were about leave, a guy stood up and called out, “Dave!” It was Peter—a guy whom Dave hadn’t seen in about five years. In that time both of them have experienced a few years of retirement.

Naturally Dave asked Peter, “What are you doing with your time?” Peter laughed and said, “I’m busier than hell. I don’t know what I’m doing all day, but I’m busy.” My ears perked up. I was waiting for more. What does “busier than hell” look like? But that was it. I didn’t learn anything about what Peter is doing, especially nothing that might bring satisfaction and fulfillment to this next stage of life. Being busy was good enough.

What if we stopped giving credit to “busy?” As best-seller author and blogger Seth Godin states, “No points for busy. Points for successful prioritization. Points for efficiency and productivity. Points for doing work that matters. No points for busy.”

So, what’s the alternative to living a busy life? The alternative is to be intentional about creating a full life. A full life represents your core values and life essentials. A full life leaves room—because you’re not so busy—for unexpected opportunities and happenstance to enter your life.

The next time you’re asked, “What are you doing with your time?” try answering, “I’m creating a full life.” And then go on to explain what this means to you. The conversation will be much more interesting and engaging than “I’m busier than hell.”

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