Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Paint Your Nails Red

A couple weeks ago I visited my sister Laurie while our husbands were both away. While I was there Laurie scheduled a manicure for us, a special treat for sisters to enjoy together. Just before we went into the salon Laurie asked, "Are you going to get color?" My instant response was, "No, I always wear clear nail polish." 

A couple minutes passed and then I announced, "Maybe I should get a color. Maybe I should paint my nails red!" Mostly I was kidding. Since I only have a manicure about once or twice a year, choosing the "right" color is really important to me. I knew I was safe with clear. However, after agonizing over the decision (yes, I know how ridiculous this sounds), I decided to go for red.

This was no small decision, so I asked myself, "What is the worse that can happen?" Answer: "I don't like the color and take it off when I get home. I waste $30.00." I decided to take the risk.
To my delight, when I walked out of the salon, I was in love with what looked like an exclamation mark at the tip of each finger. And four weeks later I'm still amazed at the impact this small decision has had on my life. Last week I decided to buy red lipstick—another first for me. Now I think that every woman should wear red lipstick at some point in her life. Appropriately, the name of the lipstick color: 
"Are You Red-Dy" 

Why all the talk about red nails and lipstick? The point I want to make is that while a routine is helpful when navigating retirement, occasionally we need to step out of our routine if we want to live life more fully. A little shift opens up new channels of creativity and possibility.

"Because of the routines we follow, we often forget that life is an ongoing adventure." 
Maya Angelou

I encourage you to change up your routine. Begin with something small, a low-stakes decision. For me it was red nail polish. You'll find that little changes will increase your confidence, expand your interests, and contribute to life being an ongoing adventure.

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