Monday, March 30, 2020

Who's on the Line?

In my retirement seminars I lead participants through an exercise called, Who’s on the Line? 

Here are the instructions:

Imagine that your phone rings. You don’t recognize the number so you let it go to voice mail. Good idea. Most of the “nothing” callers don’t bother to leave a message. But, this one did, so you listen to the message. To your surprise the caller is someone you didn’t expect to hear from. It might be someone you don’t know. But this person knows something about you and your gifts, talents, experiences and interests. You’re being invited to be a part of something BIG. You’re surprised because you never anticipated an opportunity like this to come your way. This idea is kind of crazy, but also exciting…Who’s on the line?

I use this assignment to help people move past their safe plans for retirement and toward something that energizes and excites them. Most often the opportunity on the line feels too risky or out of reach, which is why we play it safe with our plans.

For the past five years I’ve known my response to “Who’s on the line?” The call is from a small group of smart women who have heard about my skills, interests, and experience. They’re inviting me to join their new business venture. I plan to say “yes.” I’m waiting for that call.

Author Seth Godin says, “The best way to be in the room where it happens is to be the person who called the meeting. Things rarely happen on their own. Everyone is waiting for you to organize the next thing.” So, this week I decided to be the person who makes the call. And, by being the person who makes the call, I get to choose what’s on the line.

I sent a text to a friend inviting her to be part of the business. Within minutes she responded, “Sure!!!” I sent an email to another woman inviting her to be on our team. She responded, “I’d love to.” By making the call, I got the call. I’m in the room where it happens!

Who’s on your line? Keep in mind that things rarely happen on their own. Make the call.

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